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Scary Games

You like scary games? We have an incredible collection of games of fear and terror. That this would be for you that we brought you a collection of the best games scary for you and your friends play as ever and thanks to our games panic fear. We are confident that we have the best games of fear. Any game that is on this list are confident that will make you tremble with fear. If you are very scary we believe that better not to play this kind of games.
With our game you can make your most horrible nightmares come true. We are confident that our games will not let fear sleep for days. Perhaps for being so entertaining and because you will want to play as ever. Play alone or accompanied. If you play alone, you surely give a lot scarier. Each you play these games with fear, under your bed will be heard strange noises. Do not be afraid, it’s part of the scenario of our games scary. Here with us you will find the best and newest games of terror. Ideal for you to spend a great time playing with them.

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Prehistoric shark

Travel back in time and meet the most dangerous prehistoric shark . Help him to spread terror among primitive men…

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Game inspired by the horror novel of Herbert West : Reanimator . An investigation into reanimation of the dead has…